DIY or Outsource Internet Marketing

Do-it-yourself, Hire or Outsource Internet Marketing

In the last blog, we looked at the options available in internet marketing. We can see how the different segments of internet marketing can stand alone and can work even more efficiently if you mix your stronger marketing points together. To refresh, the different Internet Marketing segments are:

Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Classifieds SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Content Marketing

They can either stand alone or you can have a hybrid strategy involving two, three or all. Now, the question – Do you do internet marketing by yourself, do you hire someone else to do it or do you outsource it to a company that specializes in Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing: Do you DIY (do-it-yourself), Hire or Outsource?

The firm answer for me here is :

  1. You are a business person.
  2. You got there because you have something to offer.
  3. You know your own business better than anyone else.

DIY internet marketing is the best way to go if and only if, you have the necessary passion and drive for internet marketing.  The other important area to consider is time. You will need time to organize your thoughts, to write content and to syndicate the content strategically. The most important skill you need to do Internet marketing is nothing technical in nature, infact, in Internet marketing, all you need is a purpose, a value-proposition to offer and the drive to get your message through.  You can read more about it in Internet Marketing : General Overview If you have the passion and the drive but lack the time, you can choose to hire someone or to outsource your internet marketing. The biggest difference in hiring someone versus outsourcing to a company is that

  • Outsourcing to a company means that you get the benefits of the entire company as a whole. Meaning all of the internet marketing segments are covered well. There is more expertise and there is more aggression in outsourcing to a company.

  • It is best to outsource, if your time to focus on internet marketing is very minimal

  • Even if you hire someone, you will still need to have some focused time to give to internet marketing as the time needed to review applicants will take time. There will also be considerable training needed if you want to hire someone direct.

In short, it is best if you can do Internet Marketing yourself on a personal level. If you can put your personal brand behind your company, there are wonders that can be achieved. However, getting down to reality, only a few can take out time to perform internet marketing duties as it needs considerable amount of persistence and perseverance. If you do not have the time, my recommendation would be to outsource to an Internet Marketing company than to hire someone directly because Internet marketing companies have the resources needed and their marketing personnel are pre-trained to handle different industries at service and retail levels. They can also be very aggressive because the Internet marketing industry is very competitive and companies will want to keep their clients happy and satisfied for longer business relationships .

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