Divide Delegate SEO

Dividing and Delegating SEO is Being Smart

Being Practical about SEO vs Doing SEO out of Convenience

It is not “set-in-stone”, that one person or one team performs the entire scope of any SEO. Well, the best case scenario would be to keep them at one place but sometimes, it is done more for the sake of convenience than being actually pragmatic. Remember, that the decisions you make, the way you communicate are bigger challenges and hurdles in SEO

Why I would divide and delegate my SEO is because of these reasons.

  • Skill

Some companies and seo individuals are amazing at performing one part of the SEO such as the on-page part of SEO perfectly, while they may not be good at social media and link building.  It makes sense to get the on-page done somewhere else so that people can use their resources to making sure that the on-page is 100%. I think it is practical to divide your on-page and off-page teams properly. This way, they will also be challenged to do their best for you

  • Focus

If the focus of each team is on their own area of the SEO, the less they have to work with, makes them more efficient due to their undivided focus on each part.

What would I divide and delegate to my SEO teams?

Website Optimization – Optimizes the website to make sure that it is up to par with Googles standards.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization – Reads website conversion pathways and applies changes to the website to continually look for better conversion.

  • Company Social Media and Reputation Management – Ensures a good and healthy number of citations and mentions of your company in social media websites. These guys would also look around for any negative comments about your company online.

    Link Building– Link building still works for a lot of non-competitive keywords and especially in NAP (Name, Address and Phone) optimization for Local SEO

    Personal Branding – I would recommend every company owner and top executives to get behind their brand in social media. Take the authority you have online to see maximum SEO benefits. You can get someone to assist you in doing just this.

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