Confusion in SEO?

Why auto-piloting SEO wont work

I have followed blogs, scoured my social feeds and I am today much more confirmed than ever, that there is simply too much confusion in Internet Marketing. Google is shifting towards simplicity and some folks are headed the other way because they simply believe they can auto-pilot their SEO. Those days are over – it’s time to be real, upfront and social. You just can’t auto-pilot that.


Basically the confusion is about

  • “What do we do?”
  • “How do we grow?”
  • “Where do we go?”

These questions revolve around internet marketers: from SEO professionals, copy writers, link builders, content marketers, social media marketers and so on.

where do we go – Axl Rose wonders

I strongly believe that this confusion erupted simply because Google changed their algorithms. Marketers before knew how to “hack” SEO and now they simply don’t – all one can do really is to test ideas and share what worked and what didn’t. If they are 100% sure, they probably work for Google.

However, one thing that I have observed so far is that those who do not rely on much technicality, but dig deep into creativity, simplicity and in making genuine relationships are the ones who are seeing desired outcomes.

Everyone knows this, right? But how many out there are really willing to be patient to be able to nurture what they have created and be persistent with their unique voice? Marketers are hired to increase the sales for a company within a span of time.  They are pinned down to make things happen fast.  This “get-things-done-quick” mentality often leads to failure in today’s internet marketing.

However, the new breed of marketers today are not just smooth talkers; they know that it won’t get them anywhere. They are also learners because the world is evolving faster than ever before. They are visionaries, not dogma-followers. They simply pave their own path!

See, the thing with SEO is that you can’t and shouldn’t rush it and force it to happen. It will never work that way.

One key lesson in life is that it takes time to master everything – the same goes for SEO. You have to keep learning and relearning because over time, what you’ve learned would have evolved into something completely different from what you are used to. And Google does that a lot. Just look at their algorithm updates.

In 2012 when the algorithms hit, many were trying to figure things out. At some point, I think some would agree with me that SEO and internet marketing have become much clearer now than how it was in 2012.

There is a fruitful future ahead for all those who believe in the basics and in simplicity. Here is a blog post of mine, published in Jan 2013, where I had put down my thoughts on what was going on after the Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates.

Read Simplified SEO Creates More Confusion.

You cannot automate SEO and any of its components. There will be never be a secret formula. Be creative and genuine, if you don’t have the time to dig deeper in those areas, then hire someone who can.


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